Game Changer

Today 'buy it on Amazon' is a phrase used as frequently as we say hi or hello. Amazon has changed the way we shop and read. It is indeed the 'Everything Store'. Last month I finished reading this book on Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos by Brad Stone. This book made me realize what it means to have a passion and pursue it. This book not only talks about the genius, hardworking and risk-taking Bezos but it also talks about the ruthless, aggressive and highly demanding Bezos. Even though this book throws some light on the negatives of Bezos, my takeaways from this book are very positive. 

Firstly his risk-taking ability. It is a skill and some people have a huge appetite for it. Bezos left his high paying job on wall street to start Amazon. The rapid pace at which he grew the company from books to toys to clothes to practically anything under the sun is very remarkable. My penchant for risk-taking is very low and so is with most of the people. There is a saying that if you d…

Strings of Happiness

I feel I am much happier and at peace with myself in my thirties (well early thirties!) than I was ever in my twenties and this is not because things around me are working miraculously in my favor. No that is not true at all. It is just because I have started thinking differently and that has helped me a lot.
I always used to get good marks in school. Even in college and in my further education I had done extremely well in terms of getting good grades but there was so much I completely missed out on which I didn’t even realize till I was 23-24.
While growing up there is so much emphasis given on “education” and yet as grownups, we are lost. No one teaches us about accepting failure and moving on, taking risks, dealing with trauma, dealing with political/judgmental/calculative people, adapting to change, dealing with competition, overcoming fear, handling stressful situations, adjusting to change, anxiety and actually many more such life skills. Many people feel that you learn these sk…
Malls – a mini city!
Few weeks back, I went to JC Penny, located in a mall near our house. I bought a dress and stood in the long line to make the payment. When I was leaving the store, I realized that I also wanted to buy a new pair of jeans for my toddler. I quickly picked up one (fortunately or unfortunately the apparel and accessory options for boys is very limited) and headed towards the payment counter. This time there was an even bigger line for check out. I waited for 10-15mins and realized that there was some problem with one of the customer’s loyalty card and hence it was taking that long. I gave the jeans, I had picked up, to one of the salesperson (luckily I found her nearby – this is very rare) and left the store without buying it. I was already late, so did not have a lot of time to stand in the queue. Later I bought a jeans online at a much lower rate, which also looked a lot better than the one I had chosen before.  Online shopping is definitely very convenient, easy, …

My Choice !

In the past few days there has been a lot of bashing and dissection of the Vogue Deepika video. For or against the arguments were thought provoking. The concept ‘My Choice’ got me thinking…and many of us thinking. It encouraged many of us to talk about gender equality, have debates and discussions on women empowerment and that is where the video did a great job.
Now I want to talk about a related topic and not the video. I want to talk about how society judges the same choices made by a woman versus a man. Momentarily let us forget what is right and wrong but I feel that the society willingly condones a particular choice made by a man and criticizes the same the choice made by a woman. There are a few exceptions for this but then there are exceptions for everything.

Let us look at some of these examples..
1)A woman comes home late from work. She lies on the couch watching TV. She does not cook or clean the house. She asks her maid to look after her kids and put them to bed. A man comes…

Diminishing Returns !

I recently started working again after a looong break of 1 year. Yes the extended maternity break. No it was not easy at all. There was this guilt of leaving my baby in the daycare for 7-8 hours with strangers. My son did not make it easy either. He used to cry a lot and give me this innocent anxious look with tears in his eyes with unsaid words ‘ where are you going mommy …don’t leave me here'. I used to feel sad, guilty and uneasy sending my son to the daycare. Although some part of this was true, I later realized that my son was a big ‘drama queen’. His teacher told me that the moment I was out of his sight he used to instantly stop crying and start playing with the other kids, toys.
He really enjoys the daycare now. There are lots of new toys and he is also making new friends there. I have also adjusted to my new work routine. Every day I pick him up at around 4pm and after that we spend around 4 hrs together: playing ball, singing songs, dancing on nursery rhymes, eating,…

Innovative Cooking

I strongly believe in outsourcing. If a task can be done effectively by someone else at a reasonable price then I am up for it. So when I was in Pune , the cooking job was outsourced to Geeta bai my maid. When I was back from work all the food used to be laid out on the table. This does not mean I did not know how to cook. I am glad I was not amongst those girls who learn cooking only after marriage. I always knew cooking right from when I was a teen but you see I don’t use my skill set unless it is really required! This is a quality which most of the lazy people possess. And it was really required when we moved to US. I was pregnant at that time, was not working and had lots of free time. I also had strong food cravings. Every night after I closed my eyes in bed all the food items like pav bhaji, dosa, sizzler, noodles used to dance in front of my eyes. This gave me that extra encouragement to cook.
As I mentioned earlier I used to cook since I was a teen. It was not a very elaborat…

Driving me crazy !